Tenement Information

An application for an Exploration Licence can be lodged at any time over any area of the state, which is not in a Competitive Tender Region. Applications for Competitive Tender Regions require the Minister to call for tenders nominating a specific closing date.

Competitive Tender Regions are shown on the state map (over 1:2million) showing petroleum tenements (.PDF) and including the Australian petroleum pipeline network, Australia's maritime zones, parks and reserves and pre-tertiary sedimentary basins

More than one Exploration Licence or Production Licence can be granted over the same area provided the rights to explore for or produce a particular regulated resource differ for each licence. More details about licence applications can be found under Licensing & Applications.

Detailed information about licence holder(s) and interests, expiry date and area is available in the Holders of Petroleum and Geothermal Tenements in South Australia, P1 Sheet. Contact information for current licence holders can be found here.

The Licence Register contains details of the holder, area covered and terms and conditions of each licence issued.

Tenement maps are available for the following:

The Petroleum Tenement Download Area gives more details about the services available to allow access to tenement information.

Historical tenement maps are available for the: