HSE Management Systems

In June 2006, a number of regulators for the onshore petroleum industry in Australia released a discussion paper for industry comment on the need for a self assessment framework for assessing and demonstrating health, safety and environment (HSE) compliance, primarily focused on the onshore drilling sector.

The outcome of this consultation delivered the framework detailed in A tool for the self-assessment of Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems.

The objective of this framework is to assist Licensees and their contractors to self-assess the level of effectiveness of their management systems in delivering acceptable HSE performance, and demonstrate this level to DMITRE. Results of such self assessment have so far been very useful in ascertaining the level to which Licensees' HSE management systems conform to the operator assessment factor requirements of Petroleum Regulation 16. The use of this tool also assists Licensees to identify components of their management systems requiring improvements or enhancements to deliver greater overall system effectiveness. Furthermore, these assessments provide consistency and certainty in the process by which Licensees can achieve and maintain low level supervision (surveillance) status in accordance with Section 74 of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000.

A proforma was developed a proforma for use by both DMITRE and Licensees to complete the self assessment process. This proforma was developed to enable assessors to accompany their scores with supportive comments where required. This supporting information can assist both DMITRE and the Licensee in reviewing completed assessments.