Access to Infrastructure & Markets

All pipelines and processing facilities in South Australia are privately owned. Access to these facilities is normally by commercial negotiation. Third party access rights to sales gas pipelines is provided in the Gas Pipelines Access (South Australia) Act 1997.

The following maps are available to view:

Information on the nature of the natural gas transmission and distribution pipes throughout Australia, and on the bodies responsible for access regulation are available on the Code Registrar website

There is a free market for oil, condensate and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in Australia, ie there are no price controls and export or import approvals are not required. Approval is required from the Federal Government for LNG exports.

All Australian governments have agreed to a free market for gas transmission. There are no restrictions on interstate gas trade and there is a right of third party access into all transmission and reticulation pipeline systems, with arbitration available if negotiations fail with the facility owner.

Establishment of the free market for gas (and an equivalent free electricity market) is forecast to increase gas demand in south and east Australia, particularly for electricity generation. Gas consumption in south and east Australia, where an integrated pipeline network is evolving, is currently 486 PJ/year (460 BCF/year).

A free market was introduced in 1988 for all oil and condensate produced in Australia. There is no restriction on imports or exports of crude oil or refined petroleum products. A similar regime has applied since 1991 for LPG. Markets for crude oil and condensate exist in South Australia and Australia and low-sulphur light crude oils find a ready domestic and overseas market.

Ex-field natural gas prices in South Australia are freely negotiated between buyer and seller. As a consequence of a gas reform process in Australia, regulatory policy impediments to the free trade in gas are being removed and the rights of access to gas transmission and reticulation pipelines have been provided, and direct negotiations between consumers and producers facilitated. The right of access by third parties to upstream facilities is also being reviewed.

The Australian Gas Association study of future Australian gas supplies and demand forecasts shows that an Australian gas grid would be economic early next century. South Australia, with Moomba as a potential hub, is ideally placed to be a supplier to this grid when it eventuates.