Native Title and ILUAs

The term 'native title' refers to those rights held by indigenous inhabitants of Australia at and since the time of European settlement that are recognised by the common law - it differs from conventional titles.

More information about the Native Title Act 1993 (Commonwealth Act) and the implications of the Act for petroleum activities can be found here.

Map of Native Title Claims (.PDF) 900KB
Map showing registered native title claims and Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act tenements.

Cooper Basin Update - First Conjuctive Petroleum Indigenous Land Use Agreement In Proven Petroleum Province

Land access milestone for SA's petroleum industry  (.PDF) 453KB
Announcement of the signing of the State's first Conjunctive Petroleum Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) over much of the Cooper Basin. Media release by Hon. Paul Holloway Minister for Mineral Resources Development on 16 February 2007.

SA leads the way in Native Title agreements  (.PDF) 57KB
Hon Paul Holloway MLC. 20/3/03

Native Title Agreement for the Officer Basin  (.PDF)  45 KB
Hon Paul Holloway MLC 10/12/2003

Historic native title agreement for the Cooper Basin CO98 blocks  (.DOC) 44KB
Announcement of the signing of the native title agreement for Cooper Basin petroleum exploration in the CO98 blocks. Media release by Wayne Matthew, Minister for Minerals and Energy - Monday 22 October, 2001.

Information Sheet  (.DOC) 28 KB
Key terms and conditions of the Agreements. October. 2001