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Executive Director

Barry Goldstein


Arrowie, Stansbury, Officer and Warburton Basins and petroleum promotion - Elinor Alexander
Simpson Basin, Eringa and Renmark Troughs and CSM - Alan Sansome
Arckaringa, Cooper, Pedirka and Unconventionals
Eromanga, Otway, Polda and Bight Basin- Tony Hill
Geothermal - Betina Bendall


Geological and well - Alan Sansome; Jo Davies
Seismic and Geophysical - Peter Hough


Seismic activity approvals, land access - Dave Cockshell; Rob Langley
Work program variations, production and retention licence applications - Petroleum - Alan Sansome
Work program variations, production and retention licence applications - Geothermal - Betina Bendall
Core sampling, core analysis reports and data submission - Alan Sansome
Well and production activity approvals, environment - Michael Malavazos
Pipeline licensing and activity approvals - Michael Jarosz

Licensing and Legislation 

Joe Zabrowarny

Resource Royalties

Nick Panagopoulos



Energy Resources Division
Department of State Development
Level 6, 101 Grenfell St.,
GPO Box 320

Telephone: (08) 8463 3204 within Australia
(IAC) 61 8 8463 3204 overseas
Facsimile: (08) 8463 3229 within Australia
(IAC) 61 8 8463 3229 overseas

Serious Incident Report No: (08) 8463 6666

Name - Email




Resources and Energy Group

Paul HeithersayGroup Executive Director, Resources & Energy Group
8463 4153

Management of the Resources & Energy Group

Bianca DeBlasio
Executive Assistant8463 4154

8463 4155 

Energy Resources Division

Barry GoldsteinExecutive Director

8463 3200
0413 007 365

Management of Energy Resources Division

Geology & Exploration

Elinor AlexanderDirector8463 3211Petroleum promotion, basin studies, legislative compliance, work program variations
Alan SansomePrincipal Geologist8463 3221Data management, legislative compliance, core library sampling and data submission compliance
Tony HillPrincipal Geologist8463 3225Petroleum  promotion, legislative compliance and basin studies
Betina Bendall
Principal Geologist
8463 3243
Geothermal promotion, legislative compliance and basin studies
Jo DaviesSpatial Information Officer8463 3220Data requests, legislative compliance, digital map compilation, website 
Rosemary HowellCompliance Officer 8463 3230legislative compliance
Adam DaveyTechncial Officer 8463 3215data management support
Mark Howe
Compliance Officer
8463 3230
compliance and administrative support

Engineering Operations 

Michael MalavazosDirector8463 3245
0401 121 666
Regulatory and economic policy, well and production approvals, environmental project approvals, strategic planning
Dominic Pepicelli
Senior Engineer 
8463 3287
Well approvals and compliance, engineering projects
Piotr SapaPetroleum Engineer8463 3643Well approvals and compliance, engineering projects
Belinda HayterPrincipal Engineer 0418 684 186
Environmental & engineering projects, legislation and regulatory policy,
Michael JaroszPrincipal Engineer Pipelines & Facilities8226 1613Pipeline/Flowline licensing, approvals and compliance; engineering projects, legislation and regulatory policy
Mieka Webb
Project & Compliance Engineer

8463 3815

Pipeline and facility approvals and compliance; engineering projects

Dale Wenham
Principal Environmental Advisor8463 7080Environmental compliance and regulation
Scott HowellEnvironmental Compliance Officer 8463 3608Environmental compliance and regulation
Jarrod SpencerEnvironmental Compliance Officer 8463 3588Environmental compliance and regulation
Sophie GiorginesPersonal Assistant8463 3239Administrative support 

Geophysical Operations

Dave CockshellDirector8463 3233Management, environmental management, land access policy, seismic data management
Dragan IvicPrincipal Geophysicist8463 3237Aerial video operations and production, geospatial database development and management, mobile gps/gis application development
Peter HoughSeismic Data Manager8463 3240Data management
Rob LangleyManager - Geophysical Operations Compliance
8463 3242Legislative compliance, environmental management and regulation
Jack AnnearEnvironmental Compliance Officer 8226 2921 Legislative compliance, environmental regulation
Steve FabjancicSenior Technical Officer8463 3232Data management, data provision
Witold SewerynTechnical Officer8463 3235Data management & validation
Barry LynchTechnical Officer8226 5512Data management
Elke Goddard Administrative Officer 8463 3164 Administrative support 
Sonia Callisto Administrative Officer 8463 3204 Administrative support

Resource Licensing and Legislation

Joe ZabrowarnyGeneral Manager8463 3203Licensing, royalties, land access, native title
Shane FarrellyManager Licensing & Legislation8463 3216Licensing, Licence Register
Lee KinnearSenior Licensing Officer 8226 5003 Licensing  
Jennette BrownLicensing & Records Management Officer 8463 3290 Licensing and records management
Allison HarrisLicensing & Compliance Officer 8463 3206 Licensing  

Resource Royalties 

Nick PanagopoulosDirector Royalties 8463 3147 Royalties 
Nadia ValanaRoyalties, Research & Engagement8463 3683Royalties
Mark Correll Senior Manager Royalties8204 2193Royalties 
Paul Thornton
Senior Royalties Investigator8226 3543Royalties and Auditing
Daniel BroadbridgeSenior Royalties Investigator8463 3469
Michelle LavingdaleSenior Royalties Analyst 8463 3095 Royalties