Well Completion Reports

Well completion reports available now for download

Introducing a new FREE downloadable petroleum and geothermal well completion reports

The Department of State Development, Energy Resources Division has a library of well completion reports of all petroleum and geothermal wells drilled in South Australia, of which there are about 2600. To date, all historical well completion reports and related technical reports have been scanned, or are now being submitted by explorers in digital format. All well completion reports are available on CD, DVD, Removable hard drive or as FREE downloadable ZIP files through SARIG (South Australian Resources Information Geoserver). 


Visit the The Department of State Development Minerals webpage and click on SARIG.


From the home page of SARIG, select 'Databases' from the Menu Toolbox and selecting 'Publications and Reports'.


Select 'Company well completion reports' and type the name/s of the well/s you would like to download into the 'Advanced Search' box.




For more information on how to use SARIG visit http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/minerals/sarig

The formats of the digital reports are as follows — the text of a report is in Adobe PDF format, including bookmarking for ease of navigation through the digital document. Larger plans and logs are captured as either TIFF or JPEG (colour) format and linked to the bookmarked document. These large images have not been embedded in the PDF to give companies more flexibility, including plotting or viewing the images in other software packages or the UNIX environment.


Digital well completion reports in this format are now available for free download as ZIP files (ZIP file sizes up to 250mb). The ZIP file includes the body of the report (PDF) as well as larger plans and logs (TIFF or JPEG) and related reports (PDF) and attachments.



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Around 30 scanned well completion reports will fit on a single CD, or approximately 90 per DVD (report file sizes range from 10 - 100 MB) and the Department of State Development will provide quotes on application for digital reports. The cost of a DVD is $100.

Bundled Package on hard drive

Energy Resources Division are currently offering all open file well completion reports, wireline logs, log displays and a copy of PEPS-SA on a removable hard disk for A$2000. This is provided on portable hard drive as the datasets are in excess of 170 GB in size. The portable hard drive is provided free with the data but with a caveat emptor — data is provided at cost of transfer but recipient must take responsibility to archive/backup the data in some manner of form. Portable hard drives are transport mediums (data can be deleted off them). 

A complete list of basic well information including well completion report status is included on the Basic Well Information spreadsheet.

To order well completion reports on CD, DVD or portable hard drive, please email Energy Resources Division.