Statistical Information

Preliminary statistics for wells and metres drilled, seismic survey line kilometres recorded and rig activity compiled by Geoscience Australia from various sources, including the petroleum industry and State and Northern Territory departments of mines are available at Geoscience Australia (external site).

Other statistical information available:

SA petroleum sales  (.PDF) 23.5KB

Basic Well Information (.XLS)

CO2 sales from Caroline 1 - financial years     (.PDF) 42.5KB

Condensate sales - financial years     (.PDF) 34.1KB

Exploration licences - financial years     (.PDF) 30.6KB

Forecast onshore petroleum wells     (.PDF) 16.6KB 

Gas sales - financial years     (.PDF) 30.7KB

LPG sales - financial years     (.PDF) 29.9KB

Oil sales - financial years     (.PDF) 35.6KB

Onshore Australia Vs South Australian Wells     (.PDF) 14.4KB

Royalties received - financial years     (.PDF) 28.5KB

SA Exploration, appraisal and development drilling statistics - Calendar years     (.PDF) 14.6KB

Seismic lines - calendar years     (.PDF) 26.7KB