Seismic Data

The Department of State Development makes a comprehensive range of data for industry use.  Such data includes:

  • workstation datasets (by basin);
  • depth, time and isopach maps;
  • other reference maps;
  • field data, and
  • processed seismic data.

Available basic seismic data that includes all data required for the reprocessing of existing seismic lines or processed data that could facilitate the reinterpretation of any prospect or area.  Key datasets have been catalogued and entered into 'PEPS-SA'.  Some key datasets with a GIS component are available for viewing in South Australia Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG).

Links to available data and maps are provided below.

What's New in Seismic Data

Cooper Basin 2007-2010 Workstation Dataset


See Also:
Cooper Basin 2005-2006 Workstation Dataset

Cooper Basin 2001-2004 Workstation Dataset

Cooper Basin 1975-2000 Workstation Dataset

Otway Basin (Onshore) 1974-2004 Workstation Dataset

Otway Basin Onshore Workstation Dataset Map Thumb

See Also:
Otway Basin (Offshore) 1970-2006 Workstation Dataset

Pedirka Basin 1965-1994 Workstation Dataset

Pedirka workstation dataset map thumb

Other Workstation Datasets

Arckaringa Basin 1969-1986 Workstation Dataset

Arrowie Basin 1966-2003 Workstation Dataset

Duntroon Basin 1983-2004 Workstation Dataset

Officer Basin 1962-1993 Workstation Dataset

Stansbury Basin 1982-1996 Workstation Dataset

Cooper Basin Folio - Volume 1

Coopr Folio V1 Thumb
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Cooper Basin Folio - Volume 2

Cooper Basin C-P-Z Maps


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Cooper Basin Reference Maps

Eromanga Basin Mapping Products

Eromanga Thumb
See Also:
NGMA Cooper & Eromanga Basins Products

Other Basin Mapping Products:

Officer Basin Mapping Products

Otway Basin Mapping Products

Great Australian Bight Basins Mapping Products

Seismic Field Data

Seismic Field Thumb

Processed Seismic Data

Processed data Thumb

Reference Documents:

Guidelines for submission of geophysical data (.PDF - 350 KB)

Guideline for Geophysical Reports Submission (.PDF - 286 KB)

guideline reports front cover thumb


To enquire about seismic data, please contact

Peter Hough,
Seismic Data Manager.
Phone: +61 (0)8 8463 3240