Core Index and Core Photographs

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DSD has scanned all petroleum core photographs and the thumbnail images are included with in Petroleum & Geothermal in South Australia DVD. Full-size images at ~1500 x 1000 pixels by 256 colours are also available. The total set contains over 3360 images together with viewing software which links the photo to the attribute data.

Excel spreadsheet (143 Kb) - Index of petroleum core in South Australia

Screen shots of PEPS-SA Cores Section

The core photo database is currently available on the Petroleum and Geothermal in South Australia USB.
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Installing Core Photo Images from downloadable file for use with PEPS-SA.

1. Download Core Photos
2. Create an Images folder somewhere on your local hard disk but not under PEPS as you will have to move them when you install a new version of PEPS-SA.
3. Run self extracting file (CorePhotos_yyyy-mm-dd.exe) and select the ...\Images folder created in step 2 as the destination folder.
4. From the PEPS-SA main menu choose File > Select Images Folder and set the location of the Images folder created in step 2. 
This procedure will only need to be performed once as the software will remember this folder location.
5. That's it.  When browsing the Cores database the images will now be available.  Click on the thumbnail to display a full size image. 
Be sure to read the help file to see how to print, copy, zoom, etc.