Products & Data

All basic technical data obtained by a licensee in an exploration licence are required to be submitted to the Department of State Development as part of licence commitments.

Basic data comprises:

  • well completion reports
  • well logs
  • core and fluid analyses
  • seismic acquisition and processing reports
  • seismic record sections
  • survey data
  • field and processed tapes and production data.

This data is held as confidential information for a specified period of time after acquisition, after which it is made open file.

Onshore Licences become open file after 2 years - this includes Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELs) and Petroleum Production Licences (PPLs).

Offshore Licences become open file after 2 years for Exploration Permits for Petroleum (EPPs) and after 1 year for Production Licences for Petroleum (PLPs).

Department of State Development, Energy Resources Division have a wide range of data available including:

  • relational databases (PEPS - attribute and spatial) containing technical information and mapping data
  • online datasets including tenement data, spatial geotechnical data and ancillary data such as topography
  • seismic data including a comprehensive digital data set of shotpoint locations and associated attribute data, section databases, an uphole database, field seismic data, survey reports and maps
  • drilling data covering well completion reports, well log database, core photos and thin sections.

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