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The survey to locate a well’s horizontal position must be tied to the Geodetic Datum of Australia 1994 to within 1 m accuracy.

The survey to locate the well’s elevation (both ground level and KB or other measurement datum) must be tied to the Australian Height Datum to within 0.1 m accuracy.

The accuracy requirements may be varied where it is not practicable to achieve these accuracy’s in particular situations, however, this must be specifically approved by the Executive Director, Energy Resources Division, Department of State Development.

The survey must be performed by a competent person, and the Executive Director, Energy Resources Division, require proof of the qualifications and experience of the person making the survey.

The survey report must state the estimated error in the horizontal position and elevation of the well.

If the well is deviated greater than 10 degrees from vertical, then the well trajectory must be surveyed at least every 30 m of measured depth such that the true vertical depth and the relative hole location from the surface location may be calculated.

The deviation data must be supplied in a digital format. (see digital data guideline) The licensee must also submit a digital file of sufficient points to accurately locate the access road built by the licensee, any borrow pits excavated, and the extent of the well lease area. (note GPS locations will be considered sufficiently accurate for these).

The preferred format of submission of digital location data is MAPINFO or Shape files, but ASCII data may be acceptable provide that the file contains adequate reference to the datum/projection used.

For more information, contact:

Director Geology & Exploration
Energy Resources Division

Phone: (08) 846 3211