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To report a serious incident to DEM, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees should contact the serious incident reporting hotline on: (08) 8463 6666. For more information please visit the Compliance and Monitoring webpage |          The Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) will transition its systems from GDA94 to GDA2020 and its associated Map Grid (MGA2020) over the weekend of 10th and 11th August 2019. For more information please visit the DEM Transition to GDA2020 webpage.

Extensive databases of petroleum information held by the Energy Resources Division providing data readily available and accessible to the public.

Extensive databases of petroleum information are held by Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) Energy Resource Division and data are readily available and accessible to the public and private sector in digital format. All basic (non-interpretive) technical data obtained by a licensee in an exploration licence are required to be submitted to DEM as part of licence commitments.

Basic data comprises:

  • Well completion reports
  • Well logs
  • Core and fluid analysis
  • Production data
  • Seismic acquisition and processing reports
  • Processed seismic data
  • Survey data
  • Field and processed seismic tapes

Data are held as confidential information for a specified period of time after acquisition, then released to open file for public access. Basic data for onshore licences become open file after two years — this includes petroleum exploration licences and petroleum production licences.

Energy Resource Division have a wide range of data available, including:

  • Relational databases (PEPS - attribute) containing technical information
  • Online data sets including tenement data, spatial geotechnical data and ancillary data such as topography
  • Seismic data including a comprehensive digital data set of shotpoint locations and associated attribute data, section databases, an uphole database, field seismic data, survey reports and maps
  • Seismic mapping products of key horizons in selected provinces
  • Workstation ready segy data sets for selected provinces
  • Drilling data covering well completion reports, well log database, core photos and thin sections
  • Production data
  • Basin-in-a-Box datasets for frontier basins containing a complete well and seismic data package for each basin in a single, downloadable zip-file

A digital database is also available (PEPS-SA®) which contains details of a wide variety of petroleum-related information, including all wells drilled, seismic surveys, production statistics etc.

A spatial database, SARIG, is available on the website to search, view and download selected mineral and petroleum spatial, geotechnical and related data sets (including petroleum tenements).

Contacts for accessing data




Well data, PEPS-SA®Alan Sansome+ 61 8 8429
Seismic and other geophysical dataIain
+ 61 8 8429
Petroleum and geothermal tenementsShane
+ 61 8 8429
Seismic mapping productsSteve
+ 61 8 8429
Digital maps, reports and other hard copy reference materialResources
+61 8 8463
Core LibraryDavid
+61 8 8429
Geoscience LibraryCustomer

+61 8 8463 3000