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To report a serious incident to DPC, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees should phone the serious incident report no: (08) 8463 6666.

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Publications and reports

Publications and Reports is the first option located within the Databases drop-down menu on the right hand side of the Menu Toolbox.

OH_DBPubRep01What is Publications and reports? 

Publications and reports is an advanced search engine that queries DSD's databases for published media. The media ranges from directly scanned material to digital photographs and downloadable .pdf files.

Note:note_icon_blue Over 125 years worth of government and industry geoscientific data is accessible through the Publications and reports tool.

Click on Publications and Reports to access the search engine. A new window will open, taking you to the Category Search home page which is shown below.


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Global search

How to perform a global search

Step 1:  Within the Category Search page, enter keywords into the Search Bar and click search button

Step 2: A new Category Results page will be opened, containing a table of results per category. Click on a Database Category most relevant to your search.  


Step 3: A results page will open containing all publications relevant to the keyword within that category


Step 4: Clicking each of these entries opens a page containing a summary of that publication. If available, a download of the .pdf file will be accessible.


Note:note_icon_blue When a result has an entry within the Image Size (Kb) column, there is a downloadable file associated with it. Usually, files are in .PDF format.

Requesting non-downloadable files

The Publications and Reports  search allows downloads of publications where available. Not all publications have had digital copies uploaded into the database. An online document request form is available for all other non-downloadable publications:

Step 1: Open the Publications and Reports page.

Step 2: Search for a publication.

Step 3: If no download is available, check the box next to the result in the far left "Select" column. Otherwise download file. 


Step 4: Click the Show Selections button at the top of the screen beneath the SARIG banner. This will open a new window with a list of currently selected publications.


Step 5: Click the "Generate Request Form".A new page will open containing the Document Request Form.


Step 6: Complete request form and click the "Email Form" button to send. 

Note:note_icon_blue If you require more information or assistance with requesting a document contact Customer Services on +61 8 8463 3000


A Global Search can be performed within a selection or all of the categories available. Each category is related to a different set of data.

The current categories are:

  • DSD publications and reports
    • All papers and reports produced by DSD can be found in this category such as MESA Journals, Brochures and Reports. 

  • Non-DSD publications and reports
    • Publications produced by other South Australian Government agencies.

  • PACE publications and reports
    • Search the Database for publications on the states Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE), such as round reports.

  • DSD plans
    • DSD produced plans are located within this category, such as stratigraphic logs or well completion plans.

  • DSD photo collections
    • Photographs and images sourced from DSD publications are located within this category. Full resolution images can be ordered online.

  • Company exploration licence reports
    • Search for mining, petroleum and geothermal exploration licence reports using company name, envelope or licence number.

  • Company mining programs and reports
    • Search for specific MARPS, Tenement Assessment Reports and Environmental Reports amongst other mining reports.

  • Company well completion reports
    • Petroleum and geothermal well complete reports are located within this category.


Search Syntax 

When performing a search there are a few basic operators and some syntax that may be used to produce a more accurate result. There are two operators useable within the search function, AND and OR.

  • AND(&) is used to search for publications that contain multiple keywords, link each keyword with an AND in between
  • OR(,) is used to search for publications that contain any of, not necessary all, a selection of keywords, link each keyword with an OR in between

Database syntax example

  • Pre 2000 reports: RB 99/00000 where (99) year published and (00000) report book number
  • Post 2000 reports: RB 2000/00000 where (2000) year published and (00000) report book number

Database wildcard example

  • The wildcard, denoted with a (*) next to a keyword in a search string, can be used for group searching. For instance, searching "RB 2003*" will list all reports published in the year 2003.

Note:note_icon_blue The AND operator has shorthand "&" and then OR operator has shorthand ",". These notations can be used in searches

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Advanced search

The Advanced Search tool can be accessed from the link within the Category Search home page. An Advanced Search hyperlink is located to the right of the search bar. 


Clicking on the hyperlink opens the Advanced search page, shown below.


The OH_DBPubRep12 icon next to each field returns detailed information on that parameter in a new window when clicked. For example, clicking the icon next to the Reference(s) field will open a new window with descriptions of all legal DSD report or publication codes. 

Located to the right of the Locations, field is the map icon OH_DBPubRep13 . Clicking this icon opens a new window containing a map of South Australia. A 1:250,000 scale grid is overlain on the map to display to display the location of the 250k mapsheets. Names of mapsheets may be entered into the Locations field by clicking a specific mapsheet within the map and then clicking Submit.

Note:note_icon_blue The Locations tool is useful for when the name of a location is unknown but its geographical location is known 
How to perform an Advanced Search

Step 1: Open the Publications and Reports page

Step 2: Click the Advanced Search link to the right of the main search field

Step 3: Enter a keyword for the form to search for, note that this also searches within the actual publication not just file names

Step 4: If information such as file Title, Authors or Date amongst others are known, enter them in the respective fields   

Step 5: Select a AND, AND NOT or OR as the Field Connector to further filter results

Step 6: Define options such as the ordering of results and how many per page

Step 7:
Click Search when complete 

For more information, contact:

Christie Gerrard
SARIG Manager

Phone: +61 8 8463 4012
Customer Services
Level 7, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone: + 61 8 8463 3000