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To report a serious incident to DPC, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees should phone the serious incident report no: (08) 8463 6666.

SA Geodata is DSD's primary corporate geoscientific data repository captures mineral exploration data derived by industry reporting requirements and government exploration programs since 1850s.

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The Quick or Advanced search options contain drop down boxes or auto fill capabilities (list filters as you type). 
Note:note_icon_blue Sampling Analyses map layers do need to be turned on to access SA Geodata sample data via SARIG
SARIG offers two ways to search and access Rock Sample Anaylsis Datasets:
  • Identify tool, located in the Menu Toolbox under the Search/Identify drop-down. 
For more information on how to use the SARIG Help Identify Tool
  • Rock Sample Analysis, located in the Menu Toolbox under the Database drop-down.
Note:note_icon_blue The Identify tool and Database - Rock Sample Analysis Search requires the user to draw a defined area of interest (box drawn on the map). 
Due to large datasets the Drillhole user-defined area is restricted to the equivalent of 2 degrees longitude x 2 degrees latitude.

Quick search

Rock Sample Quick Search is located in the Menu Toolbox under the Database, Rock Sample Analysis drop-down as shown in image below. 


The Rock Sample Analysis Quick Search allows a state-wide search using the most common sampling searching criteria.

  • Rock Sample Number: SA Geodata auto-generated number  
  • Site Number: SA Geodata auto-generated number  
  • Drillhole Number: SA Geodata auto-generated number  
  • Drillhole Name: Original drillhole name  

OH_DB_RockSamp2When the Quick Search option is selected from the Main Toolbox menu a new internet browser tab will open and display the Rock Sample Database Quick Search Form.
Enter in quick search criteria then click the Search Button. Once the search button is clicked the Rock Sample Search Results form will open. 

For more detailed searching criteria click the Advanced Search, blue hyperlink located at the bottom of the quick search form. 

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Advanced map search

Rock Sample Analysis map search is located in the Menu Toolbox under the Database, Rock Sample Analysis drop-down as shown in image below. 


When the Advanced map search option is selected from the Main Toolbox menu a new Map based database search widget will display on the SARIG map. 

Map based database widget 

The Map based database widget will default to Rock Sample Analysis selection, draw an area of interest of the map  (search area limited to 2 x 2 degrees).


Once the area of interest has been drawn the Results widget will display on screen, Click the Rock Sample Search header highlighted in blue. A new internet browser tab will open displaying the SA Geodatabase - Rock Sample Advanced Search form.  

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Advanced search form

The Rock Sample Advanced Search allows users to directly search SA Geodata using the filter options provided, see image below.


The Rock Sample Advanced Search also contains an additional Biostratigrapy searching critera intergrated into the Rock Sample Advanced form. To include biostratigrapy search critera click the expansion plus sign (+) to view the added options (see image below). 


Note:note_icon_blue Database Wildcards are not required, where possible drop down lists (Sample Source) and autofill capabilities (Dept/Exploration/Mining Company) are provided. 
Once all required options are entered click the Search Database button. A new internet browser tab will open displaying the SA Geodatabase - Rock Sample Search Results form. 
Note:note_icon_blue Use the Advance Search form filter options to  refine search.

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Search results

The Rock Sample Search Results form returns a list of all samples available in the area of interest drawn filtered by options provided  in the advanced search form.   

In addition it provides users with: 

  • Rock Sample Details: Click the magnify glass image or the Sample Number (blue hyperlink) to view the sample details.  Sample details include, location, Geochemistry, Biostratigraphy, Petrology, Geochronlogy(under construction) and reference information. 
  • Rock Sample Summary and Rock Sample has: Rock Sample data and data indicators of sample data stored in SA Geodata 
  • Export results to excel: Click the Export to results (blue hyperlink), downloads the sample search results table. 
  • Download results: Click the Download results data package to view package type. If download button is greyed out (not available you have exceeded the maximum number of records (2500), please refine your searching criteria.
  • Number of Records Returned:Number of records return for the searching criteria, in the example below six records have returned.


Select a Download Package, then click the download button. 

Note:note_icon_blue Click on the sample search results to sort fields, an arrow will appear below the heading to indicate which field data is sorted by. 


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Rock sample details


  • The Rock Sample Details comprised of 7 tabs displaying data captured in SA Geodata:
  • Details: Collar, Survey and general sample details.
  • Location: Sample Coordinates and MapSheet data. 
  • Geochemistry: Drillhole (interval) and Surface sampling geochemistry results. 
  • Biostratigraphy: Biostratigraphy sample analysis results, includes Biostrat Chart where available.
  • Petrology: Petrology - thin section sample analysis results, includes thin section images where available.
  • Gechronology: Under construction
  • References: Links to Publications and Reports database where sample was originally reported.

The Rock Sample Details form also provides SA Geodata - Database Information Downloads, this includes an Explanation of the Stratigraphic Map Symbol and GIS code System document.  

DSD's stratigraphic units are used consistently across the states geological maps and this document explains the hierarchical sequence of the GIS Code and Map Symbol.

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For more information, contact:

Christie Gerrard
SARIG Manager

Phone: +61 8 8463 4012
Customer Services
Level 7, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone: + 61 8 8463 3000