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To report a serious incident to DPC, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees should contact the serious incident report no: (08) 8463 6666.

Latest advances in South Australian geoscience and resource sector news


Monitoring hydraulic fracturing with MT

Habanero 4 test program, courtesy of Geodynamics

Using electromagnetic geophysics for hydraulic stimulation monitoring

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Identifying deposit locations with MT

Beverley mine, courtesy Heathgate Resources.

High-density magnetotelluric mapping across uranium deposits highlights lithospheric controls on deposit location

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Musgraves water and mineral potential

25 October 2017

New electromagnetic data will help define water and mineral resource potential in the Far North West.

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1st Coompana core in over 30 years

25 October 2017

PACE Copper drilling retrieves first Nullarbor Plain bedrock core since 1982.

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New start for Whyalla

25 October 2017

GFG Alliance to steer the Whyalla steelworks and mines along a competitive, sustainable future.

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SA–China partnership

25 October 2017

Geoscience exchange and mineral investment attraction partnership with China continues to thrive.

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Geoscience excellence on show

25 October 2017

Register now for Discovery Day and SAEMC events, 7–8 December 2017.

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Industry news

25 October 2017

New tax scheme for junior explorers to drive the next wave of mineral discoveries -  see ministerial news releases…

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